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Our teaching method

The Success Strategy® teaching method

This method has been developed by Philippe Leclair, former World Champion, and Olympic Teams mental coach. For the last twenty years, about 20 French National Teams have been trained with this technics, as well as French, European, World and Olympic Champions and simultaneously about 20,000 CEOs and managers.

In situation trainings

Theory is associated with lots of on the field situations involving body, mind and emotions. With the possibility to repeat exercices, everyone learnt at one's pace and make progress effortless.

The Return on Training Investment

Each participant will have learnt to become autonomous in improving his skills by being able to :

  • Incorporate training in one's daily life to produce observable and measurable behavior changes.
  • Set progress training objectives by learning from daily life situations.
  • Plan and organize a daily training strategy.

The sport metaphore

The sport metaphor is used as a tool to raise the awareness of mental impact on our daily well being.

For the athlete, the first adversary is not his competitor nor the environment but what's going on in one's mind : it's mental.

We are all similar to those athletes and our mental is adding to

  • our self confidence,
  • our reactivity potential
  • our ability to set up positive relationships.

Our mindset gives us the ability to adapt to change, to manage pressure and to make progress while maintaining good health.

Mastering one’s behavioral and relational skills is a key asset which will enable us to express all our potential in any circumstances, without being disrupted by pressure.

A high Performance Training Center

The success strategy training center, by Fontainebleau near Paris is a unique and precursor place.

CEOs train there just like high level athletes, and learn :

  • to strengthen their mentally controlling their thoughts.
  • to manage their emotions and better focus.
  • to use their body as a key in stressful situation.

Workshops can be organized elsewhere, but these exercises will always adapt to the environment with the same powerful teaching impact.

The 3 absolute powers

which have in common those who experience outstanding success

When I look at what I’ve done professionally over the last 30 years, it was mainly helping others to reach their highest podiums, achieve their ambitions while maintaining their self balance.

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The 3 absolute powers of those who experience ultimate success

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