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High performance coaching

An individual or group coaching to achieve your ambitions, expand your potential an reach your higher self.

Wether your are an athlete or not, your reality has more to do with champions one than you may think. Since we always need to produce more, with less time and means and need to succeed without getting exhausted.

This equation is not easy to solve, and you'll find it also in the personal and family life.

The high performance coach accompanies you but also trains you to master those technics which enable the best to win regularly, while maintaining their personal balance.

Beyond coaching, high performance coaches train you to develop your skills, expand your comfort zone which will then take the pressure off.

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Self management

Our work as well as our daily life are often like a match that you need to win. This makes us live a stressful life, full of anxiety and laborious efforts.

This workshop aims at enabling you to face situations rather than sometimes undergoing them, to gain wellbeing and efficiency, to produce higher results which should last and without getting you exhausted.

This workshop will train you about performance dynamics and stress management, will make you realize that you are often your worst enemy, but also your best ally.



How to remain at your best even when pressure is rising ?

Acquire skills in

  • Self management which are universal and common to everyone whatever the age, the field and the culture.
  • Know how to become autonomous in developing one's skills.

3 life skills

  • Manage your energy
  • Develop one's focus : your level of performance is the exact reflection of your focus level.
  • Choose one's mental attitude to control one's thoughts and develop self confidence.

3 personal skills

  • Know how to observe oneself to raise one's level of self awareness.
  • Know how to learn from what one does.
  • Know how to train to go from being aware to sustainable change.

High performance team

The high performance team training vocation is to make the collective talent higher than the sum of individual talents.

Learning and training aim at producing observable changes in daily life, in mental attitudes, individual and team behaviors which will last and resist pressure.

Team performance is always based on individual performance, and thus intertwined with mastering self management skills by each member team.



The skills of collective efficiency

  • Discover the process to set one’s team in a process of learning and continuous improvement.

Master managerial behavior

  • Become aware of one’s mental attitudes, emotions, and behaviors and their influence on others.
  • Acquire self control to manage pressure and unexpected before they turn into negative stress.


This wokshop aims at :

Discovering that the 4 performance keys which are mental, physical, emotional and relational, all interact together to produce performance in business, as well as in sports or any other field.

Training to use them daily either for oneself or to create dynamics that make the collective talent higher than the sum of individuals talents.



Set the team in a project dynamics

  • create a 1+ 1 = 3 dynamics which make the team collective talent, higher than the sum of individual talents.

Self management skills

  • Place oneself in a change dynamic
  • Become aware of one’s mental attitudes, one’s emotions and one’s behavior.
  • Acquire self control to manage pressure and unexpected, before they turn into negative stress.

The 3 absolute powers

which have in common those who experience outstanding success

When I look at what I’ve done professionally over the last 30 years, it was mainly helping others to reach their highest podiums, achieve their ambitions while maintaining their self balance.

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The 3 absolute powers of those who experience ultimate success

Discover your 3 absolute powers

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