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High performance coaching

Level up your life, your well being and your efficiency

Denis Thuillier

MBA Hartford University

I've always been passionate by teaching and passing down experience to others. After graduating from an MBA, I created a business school which I ran for 12 years. I was blessed during all these years with the fantastic human adventure to get people aware that they are able of much more than what they think. To make them doing progress in which nobody believed even themselves, until getting them to challenge the bests and give them the means to win.

I've known great successes, and a painful failure when I had to close the school. It made me live during two years between idleness and depression. Then I bounced back and I followed Philippe Leclair's champions programm to become a high performance coach, and then widely promote what have in common those who experience outstanding success. I train others to practice mental attitudes and behaviors which I apply to myself, and which enabled me along my life to achieve new challenges.

I've developped companies before turning 25, and the challenges I took up during all those years allowed me to understand, living it by myself, that to think big, I first needed to always be more perspicious with myself. I’ve always been involved in hobbies which requires to surpassesing oneself like running and lyric singing as a solist. I've devoted my profesional life these past 30 years to give people means to go beyond their limits, achieve their ambitions while strengthening their self-balance

Certified by Stratégie de la Réussite ©, since 1998

For more than 25 years, Success Strategy, is a training method to prepare champions to win competitions and reach the highest podium step and to train managers and CEOs to develop their performances, individually and in team.

Stratégie de la réussite © has trained more than 20 french national teams over the past 25 years and 1000 managers and CEOs per year.

-- Stratégie de la réussite © (Success Strategy) is a french label for 25 years. It made champions win National, European, World and Olympic medals, and trains managers and CEOs to develop their performances, individually and in team. --

Philippe Leclair

Founder and President

Founder and President of Stratégie de la réussite © (Success Strategy). He developed the concept based on his world champion experience, 10 selections in french national teams, and years of training and pressure when only success maters

Philippe Leclair founded Stratégie de la réussite © (Success Strategy) based on his world champion experience, 10 selections in french national teams, years of training and pressure when only success maters. For 30 years Philippe Leclair is a speaker and consultant for CEOs and managers as well as champions. The purpose of Strategie de la réussite is to train people to reach their highest potential, whatever their field, their position, their culture or their age. --

Certified High Performance Coach since 2015

High Performance Institute

300 High Performance Coaches are certified each year from the High Performance Institute.

High Performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term. But how do you help people achieve that level of success? That's exactly what Certified Coaches do.

"Running zen" coach

Running coach from the french running association

The "running zen" technics has been developed by Philippe Leclair, cross running world champion in 1980, 1à times selected in the French National Team, 10 years of training and competition with the best french athletes.

I've learnt the "runnning zen" technics which I used when running one marathon each year since a couple of years and I then became coach with the french running association.

It's a special training both mental and physical to teach you the way to be here and now, in the right way and the right tone. This training technics help in getting rid of stress factors and to preserv one's self balance.


We do our trainings in all fields from industry to services. In french & english. In France, Maghreb and south eastern Asia.

Companies in partnership with Stratégie de la réussite ©

Schneider electric for 15 years: Executive committe, production committe, teams in charge of purchasing, quality, computer ..

Administration departments, factories, international teams.

Lapeyre: retail store managers trainings,

Chanel: worldwide Chanel représentatives, Revlon, Société Générale, Nexity ...

Edenred: countries CEOs in Central Europe

Small and medium size companies in all fields

Intercultural workshops

China: Engineering departments in major chinese universities (Hebut, Tianjin, Quindao, Shanghai)

Germany: Research center for Schneider electric in Selingenstadt

Hungary: Team building for a Schneider electric factory

Poland: Edenred : central europ CEOs

Morocco: Young CEOs association : large companies managers and medium size companies leaders

Intercultural management: Training of multicultural leaders teams (arabian, chinese, americans, indians, europeans) (Schneider electric, GAP, Chanel)

Business schools

ESCP Europe: Paris Business School, Master program in international project management

ENA: National School of Administration

Supinfo: Ecole supérieure d'informatique


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